Over the past couple weeks, well 2, but 2 is a couple… unless your a weirdo, are you a weirdo… now where was I…

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been sending e-mails and collections of pictures around to people I’ve gone to in the past, have worked with me, have had some role in my development or that I trust (you get the picture) for opinions on my new portfolio.

Through the process many of the folks started picking out the same pictures and made comments like “I like the way you see” or “This one shows off your vision” and “What were you thinking?”

Ok, no one said “What were you thinking,” they’re too nice for that, but the other two are real and those type of comments came from more than a few people.

So I started wondering, what’s my vision? I didn’t even realize I had a vision or unique way of seeing.

It’s what every photographer strives for, to be considered a person with a unique vision. Like Alex Webb, Raghubir Singh, Gordon Parks, Dorothea Lange, Elliott Erwitt, Sebastiao Salgado or Man Ray.

All photographer we (or at least I) can look to and see a unique vision so strong that often we will know whose eye it was before reading the name of who took it.

That’s vision in my mind, a unique way of seeing the world.

Do I have it? I don’t think so. Not yet. I want to and I think I will some day, but at this phase in my career I think I’m still in that finding phase.

Still it’s nice to hear other people say things like that, really nice. Perhaps the nicest thing you can say to a photographer.

I just wish I could see what they’re talking about.

Lastly, to those people who have aided me in this process, you’ve gone above and beyond anything I could have asked for. I couldn’t be more honored and I say this from the bottom of my heart, you guys are the greatest group of folks I could ever have had the pleasure (and sometimes displeasure, that’s for you Ivan 🙂 of knowing and I am so filled with gratitude that you took time out of your busy days to look at my stuff.

You guys rock!

Ok… what? I’m feeling nice… shut up!… enough mushy stuff, back to our normal SLR. Fang sucks! (I have pictures.)