If you’re working at a newspaper around the Thanksgiving holidays then it’s a guarantee that at some point you’ll be sent out to cover Black Friday, the annual post T-day holiday marked by long lines, shivering toes and AP video of grandmas being trampled in the aisles of some big box store as they mad dash for that last bagle sized wide slot toaster with the chrome accents that they’ll later take home and eventually gift away when they can’t figure out why they even bought it in the first place… I mean, I love commercialism.

Evelio Contreras of The Roanoke Times created a piece on a group of high school kids waiting in line at a Best Buy (They say there’s nothing better to do in Roanoke, makes sense to me!) that’s entertaining and shows that there are stories to be found everywhere. It’s the best Black Friday multimedia I’ve this year, perhaps ever.

Steven Hutto, Andrew Tuck and Daniel Sarver, all students who know each other from Hidden Valley High School, played badminton, flew kites and sang songs to pass the time in order to be among the first in line when Best Buy opened early on Friday, Nov. 23.

Oh and be sure to keep at look out for your next American Idols at the 6 p.m. mark.