It’s the holiday weekend and that can only mean one thing, it’s time to get Out of Town (ok, two if you’re working at a paper: that you’re working at a paper).

While Out of Town is not affiliated with any newspaper, that doesn’t stop this web series from delivering short and sweet feature-y community news.

My favorite is the trip to a Wisconsin amusement park, good times. There are six installments up so far from the first stop in the series and there are promises for more from the second leg in Pennsylvania to launch in February.

The site itself, designed by the man behind the world’s first internet fire, is a shmorgusboard of visual beeps and boops.

A very clean and well thought out presentation of a new take on covering local oddities. And if you think having a host in front of the camera is not in keeping with journalism, really it’s nothing new, it’s just the weekly columnist in multimedia form, and boy is it fun to watch.