I may not be at San Jose State University anymore, but last week one of our projects during my time finally moved from a great idea to the real deal.

The SJSU Multimedia Academy was brainstormed last spring as a multi-year, world-wide program to explore the stories that litter the planet, just waiting to be found.

And if that’s not enough, we (somehow) got The San Jose Mercury News and National Geographic on board as co-sponsors and then got them to commit one staffer as a faculty member on each trip.

Like those ping-pong tables we raised money for in the 8th grade, I won’t be around to enjoy the fruits of our labors, but trust me, if you have the cash as the desire, apply!

Here’s the official word:

Students are invited to the SJSU Multimedia Academy. Jim Gensheimer from the Mercury News will co-teach in South Africa and Sadie Quarrier, Sr. Photo Editor, at National Geographic Magazine, will co-teach the program in Ghana from June 16 to July 4, 2008.


Students can earn three units of credit. The cost is $4,200.
SJSU Special Session Tuition (3 Credits @250/unit) $750
SJSU Program Management Fee $200
Program Fee $3,250

The registration deadline is March 3. The monies are due at a later date.

MCOM 180: SJSU’s Multimedia Academy
• Co-instructed by National Geographic Photojournalist
• Explore Real World multimedia journalism
• Produce compelling multimedia stories in the field and on deadline
• Learn the importance of discipline with time, shooting, and gathering information necessary to advance the story
• Learn the importance of research, organization, adjusting, adapting and patience
• Earn 3 units of SJSU credit

This program is open to all undergraduate and graduate students who are matriculated towards a degree at a U.S. university or college. Students who have successfully completed their advance photojournalism and or broadcast sequence courses are especially welcome to take this course.

Proudly co-sponsored by National Geographic Magazine and the San Jose Mercury News, the SJSU Multimedia Academy is an ambitious, three-year program designed to give photojournalism students and broadcast journalism students the opportunity to gain an edge in the competitive job market. The San Jose Mercury News has committed one staff photographer or multimedia editor to co-teach the three-week course in South Africa.

Besides Ghana and South Africa, the multimedia academy will explore Brazil, India, Bangladesh, The Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, China and Dubai. Each program location will have a National Geographic or San Jose Mercury News staff photographer or multimedia editor to co-teach the program. At the conclusion of the program, a coffee table book exhibiting the students’ work will be published, along with a behind-the-scenes DVD documentary. A photography and interactive multimedia exhibition featuring the students’ work will also travel the U.S.

The fee includes tuition, air fare (West Coast departure) and hotel accommodations. These estimated coasts do not include personal expenses as this varies among different participants.must take the following MCom 180 (INDIVIDUAL STUDIES) 3-unit course. http://jmcweb.sjsu.edu/courses.html

Prof. Michael Cheers, who coordinates the photojournalism sequence at SJSU, will lead this program. Cheers, the 2007 Faculty Fellow at National Geographic Magazine, worked more than 20 years as a photojournalist in Africa. Jim Gensheimer, an award-winning staff photojournalist for the San Jose Mercury News, will co-teach this course.

More info,
D. Michael Cheers,Ph.D
Director of Photojournalism
San Jose State University
[email protected]
408-795-5062 or 408-924-3259

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International Programs & Services San José State University
Located in Clark Hall, Room 543 One Washington Square
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