Well, it’s been a while.

Some new tidbits around the blog… This medium was taking over all my free time. Apparently it’s a creative outlet that I desperately needed. Who knew?

But then I ran out of free time. As is common with most college students, we get busy and posting interesting news and our thoughts on it, gets placed further and further toward the back burner.

I’ve fixed up my portfolio. The flash applet wasn’t melding well with my layout. It made things a bit wonky, but I think the new presentation is pretty nice.

I’ve also added a link in the “Personal Links” section for a list of some of the movie reviews and video game reviews I wrote in a former life. Also new to the aforementioned section is an easy way to contact me. (Hint: try the envelope icon)

There’s also a new sub-head for subscriptions. If you like what you see, you know what to do.

You may also have noticed the new Electronic Frontier Foundation button. I’ve decided I like what they’re doing and it’s something worth supporting. If you’re a blogger, I suggest you also take a look at their efforts and decide if it’s something you feel is worth supporting.

Haloscan comments have been incorporated, e-mail to a friend is a new option, and I’ve finally gotten around to adding Technorati and del.icio.us tags. There’s even a one click save button for del.icio.us users at the end of every post.

Oh and on Thursday January 26, 2006 I got my first hit from India! I don’t know why, but that ammuses me.

So what’s next? For one, I’m going to try and post more often. At the same time, I’m thinking of some new things I’d like to try. Stay tuned, I’m tinkering with a new layout for the site and maybe a new trick or two to spice it up.


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