So it took nearly two months but it finally happened, I finally got that story that everyone has to cover… gas prices.

It’s basically the same story that everyone’s shot a million times, in fact I shared a laugh last night with a friend who covered the same story a week prior at her paper.

The challange is to put your own spin on it and make it fresh.

Here’s my take.

If those prices seem high, that’s nothing. In just one day, the price at my usual spot went to $3.01 this morning at 8am… and was at $3.15 at 8pm as I drove home. And it’s not even summer yet. Looks like we can’t say, “It’ll never go over $3” anymore, anyone want to venture a gamble on $4?
Now here is where I was going to post a pic of a gas prices picture I really think hits the mark, but I can’t find it, mostly beacuse it was taken almost three years ago and google has way too many gas prices pictures to find this particular one. But I guess I can describe it and why I liked it.

It’s a pretty simple picture and what the photographer did was snap the price board through a window covered in water droplets from the rain and they’ve selectivly focused on the reflections in the droplets. It’s a pretty simple picture, but it’s stayed with me over the years becuase it took the ordinary and made it extordinary. Took the hum drum assignment and make it something visually striking. That’s what I think we should all strive for on every assignment, if you can’t please yourself, it’s not good enough. Gee, I only wish I could show this image now. I’ve probably made it sound like the greatest gas prices picture ever, and for me, it ranks up there pretty high.

Lastly, gas prices keep going up and we have to keep paying… but here’s something to help put it all in a lighter light.