This year I got to take part in something I’ve been wanting to for a long time. It’s another one of those things that I’ve always wanted to do but never knew when the plan would come to fruition.

But it’s funny how the last couple months things that I’ve always wanted to do have been coming my way. (Lorne Michaels if you’re reading this, come’on!)

If you open this program for the Cinequest Film Festival, you’ll find stuff written by me inside… and no it’s not like last years where I ran around town with a Sharpie… (just kidding boss!)

I tell myself I’m not a writer and that I only want to focus on honing my photographic skills. The way I reason it, if I split my focus between two disciplines, neither one will improve, but if I pick one and pour myself into it, then I’ll excel. But then I get the opportunity to do things I just can’t say no to.

Last summer I was brought aboard Cinequest, a top 10 rated film festival right out of San Jose, as an intern. My task, to fall back into my film critic role from bygone years and help write the program for this years festival.

I spent the last several months watching films late into the night, jotting down notes incessantly and then condensing my assesments into digestible nuggets for the program guide. Which was first published in the San Jose Metro in January and began appearing last week in it’s glossy covered standalone version, and it’s in full color for the first time!

Cinequest 2007 runs from Feb 28 – March 11, pick up a program and let me know if I was right or wrong.